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Fiber Mesh For Waterproofing

Approx Price: Rs 375 / Roll 
Product Details:
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Mesh For Waterproofing Application: White

Alkali Resistant Glass Reinforcing Fabric For Use In Construction And Waterproofing


Perma Fibremesh AR is a fabric made up of alkali resistant glass bre for use in screeds, plasters, waterproong and weatherproong membranes to control the cracks which result from either two materials of different coefcient of thermal expansion or those caused by shrinkage or tensile stress created by the seasonal expansion and contraction. It is manufactured from virgin glass. Perma Fibremesh AR products are extremely tough, light weight, exible, high in tensile strength and easy to work with. This product is available as Perma Fibremesh AR 75 GSM and Perma Fibremesh AR 145 GSM.


During the course of screed laying or plastering unroll the Perma Fibremesh AR and lay it on the leveled wet surface. Where the Fibremesh AR has to be joined make a loosely laid lap joint of 200 mm, and lay the nal layer of screed/plaster or the liquid membrane and oat/trowel to the desired nish. In all such application it is desired that the reinforcing membrane is kept lose to the surface.



  1. Perma Fibremesh AR is economical and it does not add too much to the overall cost in a project.
  2. It is easy to use. It only needs spreading over one layer of plaster/screed or membrane before application of the nal layer.
  3. Perma Fibremeh AR is alkali stable hence it does not get degraded or weakened in the alkaline media of Ordinary Portland Cement.
  4. Perma Fibremeh AR acts as a reinforcing media in the creation of architectural features in building facades.
  5. Ideal Engineering product for the construction industry.
  6. Perma Fibremesh AR can be used to reinforce two different types of materials in i.e. concrete, brick work etc. Articial Rock Building, Marble back mounting, Repairs and structural Retrotting.
  7. Perma Fibremesh AR is a suitable building material which is suitable for all kinds of architectural styles and shapes.
  8. It is an ideal engineering material in construction and can be easily used to reinforce cement rendering , stone, wall material, roong between gypsum etc. Can be used for internal and external plaster reinforcement.


  1. Perma Fibremesh AR 75 is available in Rolls of 1000 mm x 50 Mtr.
  2. Perma Fibremesh AR 145 is available in Rolls of 100 mm x 50 Mtr.
  3. Perma Fibremesh AR 145 is available in Rolls of 140 mm x 50 Mtr.

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: PACKING

    Perma Fibremesh AR 75 is available in Rolls of 1000 mm x 50 Mtr.
    Perma Fibremesh AR 145 is available in Rolls of 100 mm x 50 Mtr.
    Perma Fibremesh AR 145 is available in Rolls of 140 mm x 50 Mtr.

Perma Re-Con Concrete Fiber

Approx Price: Rs 607 / Kilogram 
Product Details:
  • Application: Plasters And Concrete
  • Brand: Perma
  • Color: White
  • Grade Standard: 606 A
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Packaging Size: 100 gm
  • Packaging Type: Packet

We supply good quality of Micro Reinforcement Construction Fibres. Perma Recon Fibres are precision cut polypropylene fibres in two sizes of 6 mm and 12 mm which are used in plasters and in floor screeds to produce crack free and durable wall plasters, concrete panels and durable floor screeds. Perma Recon Fibres are milky white strands of polypropylene supplied in 6 mm and 12 mm lengths. The smaller 6 mm ones are used in plaster mixes where as the longer 12 mm ones are used in floor screeds. 


  • Perma Recon Fibres are used as additive in mortars for making crack free internal and external plasters of buildings. 
  • Re-Con Fibers are also used as an admixture in floor screed concrete for making crack free and abrasion resisting floors, as a secondary reinforcement in large bays of concrete to get over surface cracks. 



  • Perma Recon Fibres make the plasters and screeds crack free. 
  • Perma Recon Fibres improves the compressive, tensile, and flexural strengths of mortars and screed concrete. 
  • When used in floor screed Perma Recon Fibres increases the abrasive strength and hence long life of the industrial floors. 
  • Perma Recon Fibres are non-corrosive hence long life of plasters and screeds. 


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